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          At Creative Starts we believe that first experiences are the most important. We provide a safe atmosphere where infants can reach their milestones, such as grabbing, crawling, pulling up, playing peek-a-boo, and taking their first steps. Each infant has individual sleeping and eating habits so their day consists of an "on-demand" schedule. Throughout the day children have time to experience tummy time, singing, finger play, and be read to.


          Toddlers are constantly developing and reacting to the world around them as every day is a new adventure to them. our toddler program is designed to give your child the consistency they need as well as the flexibility to choose their own activities. We encourage our toddlers to use their words to express their needs. Our center provides a safe and nurturing environment where toddlers can gain self-esteem, curiosity, and create new friendships.



          Our preschool program is the first step in getting your child prepared for kindergarten. We follow a structured schedule offering choices in key areas of your child's development as we build up our language skills and practice our letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Our weekly lesson plans incorporate activities based on your child's social, physical, cognitive and creative expression.

        Our prekindergarten classroom prepares children with the social and academic skills they need to make a smooth transition into kindergarten. Your child will follow a structured schedule that includes key areas such as their social physical, cognitive and creative expression development. We utilize a structured daily schedule which includes small group and individualized learning. Your child will be able to master the skills needed to progress.

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